2020 mid-year Lithuanian labor market overview and trends

Unemployment rate:

• During the quarantine period unemployment increased from 7.1% to 12.7%

• Forecast of unemployment rate till the end of the 2020 year – 15-18%

Recruitment technologies:

• 60% of recruitment companies are using application tracking systems (ATS)

• Majority of large companies are also using recruitment ATS and CRM (to streamline hiring process)

• During quarantine and after it companies more often are making online interviews (Zoom, skype, teams)

• Companies are using multiple career websites number at one time (according to job position)

Remote work:

• Before pandemic remote work was offered as a non-financial benefit (mostly for “computer kind” job categories: IT, marketing, finance, public relations) and mostly for these employees who work in the company for more than 1 year. Now it is more common and it is treated as a workplace, but not as a non-financial benefit.

• “Possibility to work from home” https://www.cvonline.lt/job-ads/home-office?sort=inserted&dir=desc is one of the most popular “Workplace” among job seekers. Companies that offer this possibility are attracting more candidates.

TOP 10 job categories (by job ads number):

1. IT

2. Service industry

3. Production / manufacturing

4. Finance / accounting

5. Sales

6. Banking/insurance

7. Technical engineering

8. Organization / management

9. Transport / logistics

10. Trade / purchase / supply

TOP 10 job categories (by job category views) June data:

1. Finance / accounting

2. Law

3. IT

4. Marketing

5. HR

6. Organization / management

7. Internship

8. Administration

9. Health care

10. Banking/insurance

Job seekers behavior:

1. The most popular job search channels: career websites, websites, recruitment companies’ websites, employment services website (governmental), social networks (LinkedIn for mid-level / higher positions, FB for mid-level / lower positions), acquaintances, particular company website.

2. Women still feel that they are more discriminated than men, older people (starting from 40 y.o) than young people (chance for companies to employ them).

3. 50% of cvonline.lt visitors visit it by using a mobile phone (“mobile-first” is very important for websites nowadays)

4. Users visit cvonline.lt most actively on Mondays-Thursdays, 9 AM-3 PM (it is the best time to insert new job ads, show additional employer branding advertisement and etc.)

5. Users’ job search logic/path on the career website is such:

front page (highlighted companies or job ads) – all job ads (visible info: job position, salary, location, company logo, company name, publishing date, and the deadline for applying. NB. here it is very important to provide clear and understandable job position name and competitive salary) – job ads by location – job ads by category – view job ad (important: clear, understandable and attractive job ad content/design, “less is more” logic works better than “more”) – apply (important: fast, understandable and easy applying process)

6. Users job search logic/path on the mobile version of the career website:

job ads by location + job ads by category (visible info: job position, salary, location, company name, publishing date, and the deadline for applying) – view job ad – apply.

7. In the labor market most active are these who already have a job. Important – when the company is looking for an employee, logic should such “Why someone should choose us and leave their job”, it will help to create an attractive job ad and to use different tools to attract these ones who have a job.

8. People are changing their jobs first of all for a higher salary. Salaries by positions https://www.manoalga.lt/en/salaryinfo. When job seekers are choosing a job, for them it is important: will it be an interesting job, good work conditions, opportunities for improvement, flexible working hours, career possibilities, a cohesive team.

9. Jobseekers expect that the employment process will be fast, clear, easy, and respectful. They expect, that company will communicate well-timed and will inform about the selection process and timing. Usually wins these companies who reply and employ fast.

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